HL Wood Glue

HL Wood Glue
HL Wood Glue
HL Wood Glue


HL super-fast wood glue with density close to dough for the 1st time in a package in a cartridge form presented to markets by HL glue factory It’s advantages comparing to similar Iranian and foreign products: 1-Reduction of adhesive usage 2-Capability of controlling output adhesive 3-Quick drying 4-Not overflowing of adhesive while turnover

Initial drying time:2-10minutes

Expire:4Years after production

Cover price :$

Pieces in each package : 16
Pieces in each carton : 128

HL Wood Glue
HL Wood Glue

How to use

First, clean and dry the place from any infection, oil and previous adhesives

Close the cartridge’s nozzle with cutter and connect the conical-shaped door to nozzle

Smear content inside the cartridge by glue-gun

Finally connect the connected pieces to each other under the clip’s pressure

failing in pasting

Before usage remove the nozzle.

If you forget to close the nozzle and pad dries you can wash it by water

HL Wood Glue
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