HL steel tubular adhesive

HL steel tubular adhesive
HL steel tubular adhesive
HL steel tubular adhesive


This product is packed in a 900ml twin tubular. Package contents include: Black part of adhesive (Resin) A and red part of adhesive (hardener or dryer) B, spatula for picking up and mixing bowl contents, abrasive and cloth inside the box are used for cleaning the surface

Initial drying time:2-10 minutes

Expire: 6months after production

Thermal Resistance: 130C⁰

Cover price :$

Pieces in each carton : 10

HL steel tubular adhesive
HL steel tubular adhesive

How to use

First sand, clean and dry the place

Mix equally two parts of adhesive by spatula which is inside the box for 3 to 6 laps and quickly rub it to the place and avoid moving parts for a least 7 minutes

For better sealing of steel glue use black part 20% more. In this case glue dries a little later but resistance will increase

failing in pasting

No glue can paste Polyethylene plastic and PP

Moving parts during drying

Contact surface was under 〖2mm〗^2

Low reflex

Using red part more(hardener or dryer)

Not drying the place

Not cleaning former glues from surface

HL steel tubular adhesive
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safety tips

In case of contact with skin wash your skin with water and never use solvent

In case of contact with eye, wash your eyes with high-pressure water for 15 minutes and visit a doctor

Keep away from children

Keep it at temperatures below 30 C ⁰ and away from direct sunlight


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